About me

I’m a professional software engineer based in Manchester, UK. I’ve been coding most of my life, starting writing games in QBasic and moving on to work with C#, C++, F#, VB (classic and .NET), Java, Assembler (many types), and dabbling in many others.

My career has introduced me to many technologies. I started my professional career working on accessibility software for Windows which found me doing all sorts of things with the OS that it’s not quite meant to do. Since then I’ve worked on large scale travel websites, distributed IoT vehicle tracking devices, and enterprise desktop automation software.

I currently work for Blue Prism developing cutting edge robotic process automation software. I primarily work in C#, but also step into C++ and VB.NET where required.

As you will also see from some of my blog entries, I’m also a roller derby official. I am currently the head referee of Rainy City Roller Derby and spend most of my weekends travelling up and down the country to officiate games.